Thursday, 13 December 2012


1.       Which of the following materials is a heat conductor?

A.       Metal              C. Plastic

B.       Wood             D. Rubber

2.       Why are wood suitable materials for making rafts?

A.       Wood can be bend easily.          C. Wood can repel water.

B.       Wood can be stretched.             D. Wood can float on water.

3.       Which of the following objects is made of clay?

A.       Mud                C. Fence

B.       Brick               D. Jewellery

4.       Which of the following objects cannot conduct electricity?

A.       Key                 C. Book

B.       Coin                D. Needle


5.       Which of the following materials can be stretched?
A.       Glass               C. Wood
B.       Metal              D. Rubber
6.       Which of the following statement is true about insulators?
A.       They are materials that cannot absorb water.       
B.       They are materials that allow light to pass through.
C.       They are materials that are good at conducting heat.
D.       They are materials that do not conduct electricity and heat.

7.       Which of the following is not a way to prevent ice from melting?
A.      Covering the ice with sawdust                           C. Keeping the ice in a polystyrene box
B.      Wrapping the ice with newspaper                    D. Wrapping the ice with aluminium foil
8.       Hot coffee is poured into four cups made of different materials. In which cup will the coffee take the longest time to become cold?
A.      Metal cup                    C. Plastic cup      B. Paper cup                         D. Polystyrene cup 
                                           ALL THE BEST