Thursday, 13 December 2012


1.The following information shows two devices.

·   Telephone
·    Fax machine

  Which of the following are the similarities of these devices?
I    Relaying information
II   Communication device
III  Entertainment instruments
IV Gathered information
A   I and II                    C   II and III
B   I and III                   D   II and IV

2. Which of the following are the old methods to send messages?
I    Using walkie-talkie
II   Beating drum
III  Waving of a flag on a ship
IV Broadcasting live through satellite
A   I and II                    C   II and III
B   I and III                   D   III and IV

3. Which of the following describes how technology helps human?
A   Slows down working rate.
B   Causes humans to think less.
C   Human workers replaced by machines.
D   Overcomes humans’ limitation.

 4.Which of the following is not an advantage about the development of the technology in

A   Eases delivering of goods.
B   Enables an astronaut to explore outer space.
C   Speeds up the journey between two distant places.
D   Enables two people from different places to exchange information.
5. What are the advantages of technology to human?

I    Reduces pollution
II   Increases productivity
III  Shortens travelling time
IV Reduces road accidents

A   I and II                   
B   I and III                  
C   II and III

D     II and IV


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